At KAI, we set clear expectations for students. We want to make sure students know what to expect from us as their supervisors. We have prepared a short document which touches upon some important points like meetings, planning and writing of your thesis.

Table of contents

KAI Theses

You can find the slides presented at the MSc AI Thesis event here. Most of the topics below can be investigated by either BSc or MSc AI students. We also welcome groups of students working on the same or similar topic.

If you are interested in one of the projects below, please contact the supervisor(s) listed to receive more information about the topics. Where available, have a look at the detailed description first. Also, keep in mind that all theses can be shaped to accomodate your interests.

Information Extraction

Supervisor: Benno Kruit (b.b.kruit@vu.nl), Ilaria Tiddi (i.tiddi@vu.nl), Lise Stork (l.stork@vu.nl), Ritten Roothaert (h.m.roothaert@vu.nl)

We offer multiple projects under the umbrella of information extraction with varying foci. Information extraction focuses on generating structured data from unstructured inputs in an automated manner. The input as well as the output can vary based on the application or end usage of the extracted data.

Ontology Evolution

Supervisor: Romana Pernisch (r.pernisch@vu.nl)

Ontologies model specific domains. As domains evolve over time, ontologies have to be changed as well. Not only are the ontologies themsevels affected but also applications using those ontologies for various purposes. We have multiple theses in this domain.

Hybrid Intelligence

Supervisor: Ilaria Tiddi (i.tiddi@vu.nl), Lise Stork (l.stork@vu.nl)

Argument and Rule Mining

Supervisor: Loan Ho (t.t.l.ho@vu.nl), Lise Stork (l.stork@vu.nl), Atefeh Keshavarzi(a.keshavarzi.zafarghandi@vu.nl)

There are multiple projects in the domain of argument mining with different objectives:

Rule mining, similarly to information extraction, aims at finding structures. In this case, we want to learn rules that describe the data best to help us understand it better. There are multiple projects that involve rule mining:

Robotics and Knowledge Representation

Supervisor: Ilaria Tiddi (i.tiddi@vu.nl), Mark Adamik (m.adamik@vu.nl)

These projects look at the intersection of robotics and knowledge graphs. Knowledge of Robotic Operating System (ROS) is a plus:

Explanations and Narratives

Supervisors: Lise Stork (l.stork@vu.nl), Ilaria Tiddi (i.tiddi@vu.nl)

The following topics are aimed at providing a more human-like AI, by creating explanations or creating narratives.

Question Answering

Supervisors: Benno Kruit (b.b.kruit@vu.nl), Stefan Schlobach (k.s.schlobach@vu.nl), Lise Stork (l.stork@vu.nl)

QA is a very broad topic. We, however, focus on QA over structured data in various forms:

Even though these topics would also fit under different topics already discribed above, we wanted to highlight them as they are both addressing the problem of multiple languages in different tasks:

Semantics of Deep Learning Methods

Supervisor: Ilaria Tiddi (i.tiddi@vu.nl)

Explanations for Ontologies

Supervisor: Patrick Koopmann (p.k.koopmann@vu.nl)

We offer a range of projects around the topic of explanations for ontologies. We focus on ontologies based on description logics or OWL. A main advantage of formulating knowledge in such a formalism is that one can use a reasoner to derive implicit information. However, not always is the result of this reasoning process easy to understand: users might wonder why something was derived (explain positive entailment), or why something was not derived (explain negative entailments). Motivated by this, different methods have been developed to provide explanations for positive and negative entailments.

Other Topics on Ontologies and Description Logics

We offer a range of further theses topics from the areas of ontologies and ontology languages. These topics are particularly interesting for students who like ontologies and/or logics.

Internships and Erasmus Programmes

Make sure to first check out the official internship process!

We suggest you to pick a topic from the ones above, and adapt it to the company needs in agreement with your supervisors (both from the company and from the group). We do have contacts in several companies and research centres to do experiences abroad. For more information, contact Ilaria Tiddi (i.tiddi@vu.nl)*