Classifying the Dark Web: creating a robust Dark Web Ontology


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Gaining insights starts with clear definitions. And although a lot of research has been done already on Open Source information on the Dark Web, a clear Ontology/Taxonomy is lacking in this domain. Some research has been done, for example: link. But more is needed to come to a well-defined way to classify the dark web which is needed to streamline collaboration and interoperability of systems.


Recently CFLW has begun the development of the Dark Web Ontology. This thesis research would be to solidify this draft and develop it into a solid foundation for the community to use.


  1. What are ontology engineering best practices?
  2. How can the ontology be shared according to standards?
  3. How can the Dark Web Ontology of CFLW be improved?

Research Question: Are state-of-the-art ontology engineering principles applicable in the domain of the dark web?